Chicago, IL, USA

Optimizing Talent Acquisition: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with High-Volume Recruitment Innovation

Prioritizing the candidate experience has never been more challenging. With 73% of job seekers stating that the process of looking for a job is one of the most stressful events in life, the barriers to successful high-volume hiring are endless. Working with the business to save time and money by tailoring an end-to-end hiring process that serves applicants and recruiters, while minimizing obstructions is the new approach, but how are organizations tackling this at mass?

 In this intimate collaboration we will tackle strategies that will optimize process while also improving the candidate and recruiter experience through:
1. Leveraging automation with your applicants in mind
2. Prioritize mobile-friendly features and tools
3. Value customization and build your ATS to suit your needs
4. Investing in data and reporting



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